There Will Be a City Garden

In the mind of the modern Russian city is opposed to the village.

Milenki Family Homestead Settlement

220 km from Moscow and 42 km away from Kaluga. The settlement is located in an ecologically clean area and borders on the territory of Ugra National Park. The river flows 2 km from the settlement.

What is Created - Family Homestead Settlement or Ecovillage?

There is a question — positioning in society of the idea of Family Homestead Settlement.

All People Must Know Their Own History Truthfully

Chapter "THE HISTORY OF HUMANITY, AS TOLD BY ANASTASIA" - "Rituals" from the book by Vladimir Megre "The Family Book" of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series.

Medyn'ka Family Homestead Settlement

Our settlement consists of families and people looking for a soul mate, and we are all united by a common idea – to live in harmony with Nature and the world around us.

12 Families Founded Family Homestead on the Kuban Region

Family and rural homesteads return to Russia.