Kin Domain “Landar”

Life in nature is amazing and wonderful!

Oleg Eliseyev. This is my Book of Kin

I began the Creation of the most unusual and non-typical Book of Kin, so that it would last for centuries, and could be improved

Maria Orlova. Life in a Kin Domain - Expectations and Reality

To live like this every day is a Holiday called Life!

The fairytale "Forest Friends" from the nine-year-old Lida

…About healing from what we have hidden in our bosom, like under a tree bark.

Natalya Vasyukova. Your own pond in kin domain

Magic! Beauty! Created by the thought and by the hands of Man.

Self-isolation in our kin domain “Agudariya”

We use this period of isolation as a good boost for restructuring thinking and as a personal “reset”