24.09.2017 Prague welcomes the Russian writer Vladimir Megre
Vladimir Nikolaevich has already been invited to the Czech Republic and Slovakia several times to meet with his readers, to answer such important questions, to communicate with the media and to bring the idea of Family Homestead to a new level. The meeting was held in Prague on September 16, 2017

21.09.2017 Burtasovo Family Homestead Settlement
Our settlement is formed on the basis of the Burtasovo village, Kostroma oblast, Sudislavsky district. Distance from the settlement to the Kostroma city is 40 km.

19.09.2017 Elena Tychinina. How to Live a Happy Life in Family Homestead
I want to share with you how to reach a happy life in family homestead most quickly and efficiently.

16.09.2017 Vladimir Megre promises to say something HERE that has never said before.
There are 600 seats in the conference hall, all of them are occupied, but still it is not enough and many people standing along the walls.The hall is filled with incomparable energy.
Vladimir Megre promises to say something HERE that has never said before.
We will keep you updated!

14.09.2017 Belye Rosy (White Dew) Family Homestead Settlement
Belye Rosy (White Dew) Family Homestead Settlement is a settlement, consisting of family homesteads, the size of which is approximately 1 ha. 

10.09.2017 President of Russia Approved Amendments to the Law on the “Far Eastern hectare”
The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has approved the extension of the territories for the “Far Eastern hectare” program. 

10.09.2017 Radostnoe Family Homestead
We are between Troitsk and Biysk (cities in Altai Krai); it takes 1 hour to get to the Biysk by car. 

04.09.2017 Needlework in the Homestead. E-Gorowo Family Homestead, Rostock Family Homestead Settlement, Rostov Oblast
I think that in every girl who moved to live on the land awakens desire to be creative.

04.09.2017 Harvesting of Ivan-tea (Fireweed) in the Lyuboe Family Homestead, Solnechnoe Family Homestead Settlement, Samara Oblast

Myagchenkov Family Homestead — Lyuboe

31.08.2017 Grants and Subsidies Are the Most Popular Measures to Support "Hectares" Recipients
CEO Agency for the Development of Human Capital in the Far East Valentin Timakov told us what kind of support measures available to citizens, cultivating the Far East land.